Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

"As Funeral Directors, it is our calling to help comfort and console every family we serve.  Grief and the associated crisis is a lifelong event that needs to be tended to.  We do provide that long term support to families that ask for help.  All of this does not mean funerals must be sad, somber and dark events.  A funeral is to help family and friends say goodbye to someone they loved in a meaningful way.  This can be through traditional or nontraditional means.  The funeral serves a purpose.  It helps those same family and friends take the first steps to realize that someone they love and who made a mark on their lives is gone.  As a society we are continually working to avoid the hard things in life.  Sometimes working through the difficult things makes us stronger and more well rounded people."  [Jay Sperling in "The Independent" magazine.]    

Did you know we also have a cemetery?

Lawnwood Memorial Park, located directly beside and behind our Access Road Facility has been serving the Newton-Rockdale-Walton area since 1954. Started by Lewis Caldwell and Sam Cown, Lawnwood offers 60 acres of rolling hills and many different options for the remembrance of your cherish loved one.

Lawnwood's offices are located in the rear of the Caldwell & Cowan Access Rd. facility and are available to answer your questions. For more information follow this link to the Lawnwood Memorial Park website.

Caldwell & Cowan Receives National Recognition for Innovative Programming, Outstanding Community Outreach

Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home has been honored by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) with the 2016 Pursuit of Excellence Award. Just over 160 firms from around the world received this prestigious recognition, placing Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home among an elite group of funeral service providers. Pursuit of Excellence Award recipients raise the bar on funeral service excellence by adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards and providing unsurpassed service to families and communities.

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