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"As Funeral Directors, it is our calling to help comfort and console every family we serve.  Grief and the associated crisis is a lifelong event that needs to be tended to.  We do provide that long term support to families that ask for help.  All of this does not mean funerals must be sad, somber and dark events.  A funeral is to help family and friends say goodbye to someone they loved in a meaningful way.  This can be through traditional or nontraditional means.  The funeral serves a purpose.  It helps those same family and friends take the first steps to realize that someone they love and who made a mark on their lives is gone.  As a society we are continually working to avoid the hard things in life.  Sometimes working through the difficult things makes us stronger and more well rounded people."  [Jay Sperling in "The Independent" magazine.]    

Surviving Summer

No matter how far along you are in your grief journey, it is likely that the thought of taking a trip to a place you and your deceased loved one enjoyed visiting fills you with a wealth of emotion. There is surely sadness and longing for days gone by as you begin to ponder a trip without the physical presence of your loved one.  One thing you must remember, and gain strength from, is that although your deceased loved one may not be with you physically, they still accompany you in your heart and mind. When you visit a place that your loved one enjoyed with you in the past, the memories of those trips can fill your heart with a joy that is unique and surprisingly memorable. Additionally, visiting a place that you and your loved one never got a chance to visit together can be just as memorable if the memory of your loved one is kept alive and active during that journey.

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